Making a car accident claim can be quite stressing. More often than not, people do not understand the insurance claims process. Below is an article detailing the process of making a car accident claim. 

Immediately After The Accident

If you did not suffer injuries during the accident, collect evidence at the accident scene. For instance, take photos of the accident and exchange contacts with some witnesses at the scene. Most insurance companies will ask you not to accept liability. Besides, you should contact your agent or insurance provider immediately after the accident. If you suffer injuries, seek medical care to alleviate your situation. 

Consider The Services Of A Compensation Lawyer

The primary benefit of hiring a compensation lawyer is that the professional will follow up with the insurance company to ensure that you receive fair compensation. As such, you can concentrate on recovery or your daily hassles.

Your lawyer should have sufficient experience in making car accident claims. Consult with the attorney to assess their expertise in handling car accident claims. It is a sure way to build your confidence in the lawyer's services. Check client reviews to determine the lawyer's success rate. Consider no-win-no-fee compensation lawyers. It is a sure way to avoid legal expenses before the completion of your case. When hiring a no-win-no-fee lawyer, insist on a fixed price. 

What To Expect When Making The Claim

Once your lawyer files for the car accident claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to verify the conditions under which the accident occurred. It is usual for adjusters to request an interview with the aggrieved party. If this happens, ask the adjuster to request the interview through your lawyer. Your lawyer will ensure that you do not contradict yourself when answering the adjuster's questions. Additionally, the lawyer will make sure that the adjuster observes professional standards when conducting the interview. 

The insurance company will send you a counteroffer as a way to initiate compensation negotiations. In most cases, this offer will be significantly lower than what your lawyer had initially proposed. Your lawyer might ask the insurance company to justify their offer. If the two parties do not agree, they could opt to engage the services of a court-appointed mediator or arbitrator. If they cannot settle, your lawyer will ask the court to make a decision. However, you are free to accept an offer before the judge gives a verdict. 

You now have an understanding of how you can make a car accident claim. You must be honest with your lawyer and insurance adjuster. Otherwise, you risk voiding your claim.