Injuries and accidents are nothing unusual in the workplace. Some incidents are accidental, while others are caused by negligence or risky practices. Whatever the case, injuries are more than painful experiences. For example, they can be debilitating and significantly impact your quality of life. While the primary concern of a compensation lawyer is to ensure you receive a fair financial package for your injuries and damages, it is not their only objective. This article highlights subtle areas where a compensation lawyer can help. 

Prevents Unwarranted Demotion — When you get injured in the workplace, you will constantly wonder whether your position is at risk. It is mainly the case if an injury causes physical or psychological damage. Unfortunately, an employer can use the opportunity to demote you, and most people roll over and accept the decision. However, an injury does not give an employer the right to demote you. Although it is within an employer's right to promote or demote personnel, they must have a genuine reason. Therefore, you should retain your position if an injury does not affect your role. A compensation lawyer can prove that your injuries will not affect your ability to deliver. 

Maintain Compensation Even After Demotion — Sometimes, an injury can be so debilitating that it incapacitates an employer and reduces their ability to perform their role. An employer can demote the injured worker in such circumstances, especially if they hold a critical position. As long as an employer can prove incapacity on an employee's part, their decision will stand in a court of law. However, some people believe that since demotion means lower pay, their compensation will reduce in tandem. Notably, compensation lawyers can never rule out the outcome, especially when dealing with stubborn employers. However, they will ensure your compensation reflects the financial perks of your current position.

Discusses with Creditors — If you owe financial institution money and struggle to make periodic payments, a large chunk of your compensation money will end in creditors' pockets. The compensation law dictates that creditors be given priority when making payments. Thus, you risk being left with a small amount of money, which might not be enough to survive. An experienced compensation lawyer will help you handle creditors such that everyone wins. For instance, a compensation lawyer could propose a lump sum deposit of a reasonable amount to a creditor's account. The arrangement ensures you have some compensation money to fall back on and reduces constant calls from creditors.